Sunday, February 12, 2012

Why I am Dolpin

I know all of you are wondering why my profile says dolphin when this site has nothing to do with dolphins. I am very family oriented and my niece and I are very close. When my niece was little she would always play princess, pretending she was a Disney Princess and if you didn't call her by her princess name, she would ignore you until you did. Well one hot summer day we spent the day at the lake and she was pretending to be Ariel from the "Little Mermaid". I decided that I would be a dolphin in the water and she agreed. I become dolphin from that day forth. She would call me dolphin instead of my name and wouldn’t let anyone else either. She did this from the age of 3-10, however we still share a special bond from this one event. I have chosen to use my name in my author blog because she is my rock and has always encourage me to write or anything I would like to strive at. When I see the word dolphin I know I have at least one fan that likes my work and it aspire me to create more.

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