My Poetry

Winter is Leaving
Winter is leaving, but it will return once more
Rivers are rushing, from snow melting on the mountain tops
A Bird is singing to the sun as it rises to melt the snow.
Trees are budding with every ray of sunlight 
Spring is springing as winter is leaving

Dogs are Like Children

Dogs are like children in many ways
They want to be the center of attention
They run and play the moment your busy
They bounce and jump Right in your walkway.
When they want to go out or be feed
They come up and tap your arm
With their cold noses
They may not talk but they have the puppy dog pout down.
They want treats, toys and a warm place to sleep.
When there are two of them watch out,
They will compete for your love, affection and treats

Eyes are a portal
Mind is a connection
Spirit enters a world I create
Body stays tethered earthbound
I am here but I am not
I am two people but only one soul
 I am frightened 
Invisibility is my superpower
I have not control, life is the conductor
My world
I am fearless
I am goddess
I have conductor
I live in two worlds
Earthbound I am here
I am me

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